All children may apply for a given age class provided they reach that age by September 30th unless specific arrangements have been made with the director. We are licensed for children 2 years 9 months and on a limited basis will conditionally accept this aged child in the Caterpillar Program with the mutual understanding that they will repeat the Caterpillar Program unless other arrangements have been made.

When a parent fills out a registration card and pays the Registration, Insurance Fee, and Supply Fee, his/her child is formally admitted. If the class is filled, the parents will be notified and either the fees will be returned promptly or the child will be placed on a waiting list.

Screening children for special needs is an important part of our program because we recognize the great advantage of early intervention. Children of varying abilities and disabilities are welcomed into all classes.


Between January 1 and January 15 registration for the next school year begins for families currently in the school, alumni, and for families who attend Chestnut Hill Chapel. On January 16 registration opens to new families. New families may wish to visit the school anytime prior to January 16th and upon filling out the registration paperwork and paying the fees are automatically enrolled on the 16th. Confirmation letters are sent out as registrations are received.