Explanation of Fees

Registration – Insurance – Supply Fee

Payment of Registration, Insurance, and Supply Fees insures that your child has a place in the class. These fees are only refundable if the class is full and you do not wish to be placed on the Wait List.

Fees for all programs:

  • Registration: $35.00
  • Insurance: $30.00
  • Supply fee:$30.00

2017-2018 Monthly Tuition (Sept-Mid June)

Full tuition for September through May and 1/2 a month’s tuition for June.

Butterflies Core Program (5 year old Kindergarten)

  • 5 Morning Half Day

Cocoons Core Program (4 years old)

  • 3 Morning Half Day (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

Caterpillars Core Program (3 years old)

  • 2 Morning Half Day (Tues & Thurs)


  • 5 Afternoons

Enrichment activities include crafts and activities that tie in to the theme for the week or the month. Center activities. Multi-aged.

Fun Friday Afternoons

  • Activities are planned to go along with the letter of the week or the theme for the week. It might include Quiz Bowl, Hikes, Science Experiments, Water Play, Ice Cream Buffet or Cooking. The monthly newsletter and calendar will give an overview of the activity planned and children who don’t usually attend the afternoons are welcome to join in the Friday afternoon activity. The cost is $15.

Our goal is to provide a school schedule that fits your families needs and provides the best learning experience for your child. If you would like to add or subtract days or half days feel free to ask. We do ask that your child attend their core program and add from that.

Cost Overview Per Month:

Morning                     Afternoon                            Full Day

1 $75.00                      1  $60.00                            1 $135.00

2 $160.00                   2 $115.00                            2  $275.00

3 $190.00                   3 $140.00                            3 $330.00

4 $220.00                   4 $165.00                             4 $385.00

5 $250.00                   5 $185.00                             5 $435.00

Young Caterpillars (2 years 9 months old) Add $10.00 a month (limited space)

Families whose child is in pull-ups will be asked to supply pull-ups. The school will provide wipes. Add $10.00 a month.

We are flexible and as long as space allows, if you need an occasional extra morning or afternoon it is $5.00 an hour, the only exception is Fun Friday afternoons which are $15.00.

Lunch and Snack

The children will have a morning snack at around 9:45 and afternoon snack at around 1:30. Please send in healthy snacks and lunch each day. We also ask that the children bring in a water bottle each day. On Classroom Party days they will not need a morning snack.


Families with more than one child attending pay ½ of the registration fee on the 2nd child and take 10% off the 2nd child’s tuition.


If parents are unable to make payments promptly, please make arrangements with the director. We reserve the right to add late fees. Please have tuition paid in full or a payment plan in place by June 1st.